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A PAM module for setting the context from a BSD-style login.conf on login. This is mostly useful for non-login based logins, primarily developed with ssh in mind as UseLogin is now deprecated.


Build the module like usual:

% make
# make install

Various build options can be specified by setting (make) environment variables;

  • CC - The compiler to use (default: cc)
  • CFLAGS - Compiler flags, overrides make
  • LDFLAGS - Linker flags, overrides make
  • CCARGS - Adds to CFLAGS (default: -fPIC, with -DNO_STATIC_MODULES on NetBSD)
  • LDARGS - Adds to LDFLAGS (default: -shared -lpam -lutil)
  • INSTALL - install program (default: install)
  • PREFIX - install path (default: /usr)


To use, simply add the line below to your pam config.

session    required